Restorative Justice of Northwest Wisconsin, Inc. is currently operated through citizen volunteers and three paid staff. Restorative Justice of Northwest Wisconsin is an official non-profit corporation. There are 10 board of directors. Volunteer facilitators are our most valuable resource and have an important sustaining role in this initiative.

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Restorative Justice of Northwest Wisconsin, Inc. mission is to connect individuals, strengthen relationships, and build safe communities through the use of restorative justice principles.

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Restorative Justice of Northwest Wisconsin’s goals include:

  • Acknowledging the harm done to victims and their families and inviting full participation to engage in sensitive dialogue that will help victims recover from their experience and be able to move forward in their lives.
  • This organization is to offer opportunities for a restorative response to crime and to invite victims, the community, and the offender to participate in repairing the harm and strengthening the community.
  • Holding offenders accountable for their actions and giving opportunities for offenders to repair the harm they caused, to earn back trust in the community and to re-gain self-respect.
  • Strengthening the community by creating awareness of the needs of people affected by crimes and invited participation in the Restorative Justice process through supporting those affected by crime. Ongoing opportunities will also be available for citizens who want to be trained as volunteer facilitators.
  • To provide Education to youth on the Impact of victims and crime.
  • Provide a Community Service program where offenders can earn back trust in the community and to regain self respect.
  • Educate the community on Restorative Justice.


Brandy Horstman Executive Director

Brandy Horstman
Executive Director
Email: bcrjr@sirentel.net

Brandy has worked for Restorative Justice of Northwest Wisconsin since November 2006.

Married and mother of 2 kids. She has five years of court room experience as a deputy court administrator in Minnesota and 3 years of accounting. She is seasoned in administration, marketing, grant writing, and insurance billing.


I have worked for the Minnesota DOC at MCF/Shakopee for over 25 years thus far with an additional 10 years Corrections experience to include the Federal Bureau of Prisons and Wisconsin Probation and Parole.  My primary job with the DOC is the Restorative Justice Sergeant for the Challenge Incarceration Program for women offenders.   I also serve as the Coordinator for the facilities Integrated Conflict Management System – tasked with responding to conflict within the workplace and for training staff in conflict competency skills.  I also serve as the Coordinator for Restorative Justice and Offender Transition Circles.  My goal has been to keep the female offender active in Restorative Justice providing daily activities for them to increase their awareness on how crime affects the victim, the community, and also the offender; and to provide the offenders with opportunities to repair the harm.   As the Transition Circle Coordinator, I arrange meetings with offenders and their support persons prior to their release from prison to help ensure a smoother transition from prison back into the community.   As part of my interest in conflict resolution and resiliency; I teach offenders Conflict Resolution Education Skills Training (CREST) and Resiliency Skills.  I have served on the board of directors for the Southern Valley Alliance for Battered Women and have numerous associations with other agencies that provide victim services.  I am a graduate of the Minnesota Victims Assistance Academy.  I am active with the Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force and a volunteer grant reviewer for the DPS-Office of Justice Programs.

As I transition from my retirement from the DOC (early this spring) my goal as I begin my new position with Restorative Justice of Northwest Wisconsin is to support and to continue to provide the current programs offered at RJ of NW WI.  I am looking forward to serving the community and to provide further outreach in the community with the development of new programs such as introducing Restorative Discipline to the school system, teaching Conflict Resolution Skills, Resiliency Assets, and improving Victim, Community, and Offender relationships.



The Restorative Justice Northwest Wisconsin Board of Directors for 2018 include: Ken Kutz, Halle Pardun,Chris Sybers, Brian Sears, Bridget Getts, Bill Johnson, Marge McCardle, Chris Lyman, Ronald Wilhelm, Kayla Woody.

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