PSA #34- Introducing Chief Dennis Stuart of Minong Police Department

Methamphetamine is causing many problems in our community ranging from property crimes to child neglect to lives lost.  Meth addiction is taxing an already stressed system.  Meth has become a focus out of need, use rates are skyrocketing and the addictive nature of this drug cannot be ignored.  Restorative Justice of NW WI is putting together public service announcements from those in our community affected most by the drug, from those fighting the addiction to those fighting the increased availability.  The messages are from law enforcement as they try to get meth out of the community, recovery speakers with a message of hope for those struggling most with meth addiction, elected officials who are asked to provide more funding, and treatment providers as they help the addicted.  These messages are intended to inform and educate the public about what meth is, what it does, and how you can help. It is time we all take a stand.