Victim Offender Conferencing

What is Victim Offender Conferencing?

Victim Offender Mediation (VOM) is one of the clearest expressions of that restorative justice is.
3Victim Offender Conferencing is a process which provides interested victims of crime the opportunity to meet the offender in a safe and structured setting, with the goal of holding the offender directly accountable for their behavior while providing important assistance and compensation to the victim.

With the assistance of a trained facilitator, the victim is able to let the offender know how the crime affected them, to receive answers to the questions they may have, and to be directly involved in developing a restitution plan for the offender to be accountable for the losses they incurred. The offender is able to take direct responsibility for their behavior, to learn the full impact of what they did, and to develop a plan for making amends to the person they violated.

Adapted from Fact Sheet: Victim Offender Mediation by Dr. Mark S. Umbreit, the University of Minnesota.

What we have learned from research…5

  • Victims of crime who meet with their offender are far more likely to be satisfied with the justice system response than are similar victims who go through the normal court process without Victim Offender Conference opportunities.
  • After meeting the offender, victims are significantly less fearful of being re-victimized.
  • Offenders who meet their victim(s) are far more likely to successfully complete their restitution obligations and to be directly accountable to the victim for their behavior.
  • Considerably fewer and less serious crimes are committed by offenders who meet their victim(s).

Victim Offender Conferencing…

…Provides the victim of a crime the opportunity to meet the offender in a safe and structured setting.

…Holds the offender directly accountable for their behavior.

…Allows the offender to take direct responsibility for their behavior.

Who can I contact If I am interested in becoming a facilitator for Victim Offender Conferencing?
Contact a staff member of Restorative Justice of Northwest Wisconsin, Inc.

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